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We manufacture and supply special pieces in a very short time.



Articles related to the transmission of motion and realization of special designs.

The Company

■ HEADQUARTERS: MONDOVI' A company specialized in providing industrial related articles in the transmission of motion and in the realization of a particular design.


■ BRANCH: SALUZZO Point of sale specializing in the provision of technical tools and hardware.


In order to efficiently respond to the increasingly demanding needs of the market we have developed a section dedicated to the service of the realization of design details that through the involvement of dedicated workshops allows us to provide special pieces in a very short time.



Our story.

■ 1999  MONDOVI', via Cuneo

Our first office: 80 sqm and 2 employees.

■ 2005  MONDOVI', via Torino

We move into a new office and warehouse of 800 sqm and the employees become 9.

■ 2009  SALUZZO

We open a branch of 600 sqm in Saluzzo and the employees are now 15.

■ 2010  MONDOVI', via Trento

We arrive in our present location of 2000 sqm, built respecting the environment and completely self - sufficient from an energy standpoint.

Today, our employees are 21.